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At IKIGAI ramen, we make our own noodles from scratch everyday for the best ramen experience — bouncy, chewy, soft and perfect for slurping up our authentic broth, cooked over 8 hours for maximum flavour. Alongside this, we source only fresh high quality ingredients to bring you some of the tastiest ramen in town.

We incorporate the Japanese concept of IKIGAI which translates to "reason to live,". IKIGAI is about finding a sense of purpose in life, something that propels you out of bed each morning ready to live fully. We feel passionate about ramen and it excites us to strive to create the tastiest dishes possible. ​Part of Ikigai is striving to improve a certain part of your life or a skill. We incorporate this by continually experimenting with new recipes and combinations to create the most delicious ramen in town!

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